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Who We Are

Trademit — actively growing international trading company with the headquarters in the Republic of Cyprus.

We specialize in trade of both raw materials (crude oil, oil products, coal, metals and ferroalloys, oil and metallurgical coke, mining raw materials and so forth), and finished goods (copper cathodes, the graphitized electrodes, steel products, products of metallurgical production, agricultural production and mineral fertilizers of different types). We choose high-quality product for each client at the best price and ensure it to be delivered on time to any point of the World. In other words, we open the world for you and help you to get the best result.

We work directly with coal producers, oil and petroleum companies, petrochemical plants and steel mills, so we meet your needs in a best way. Our experience and global expertise allow us to be leaders in the markets we work with. Every day we globally develop our trading activities for you and we do it reliably, efficiently and responsibly.

Our clients may entrust us with global trade, provide with commodities and delivery of numerous raw materials. We offer our clients a unique and wide of high-quality raw materials and commodities — crude oil and petroleum products, metals and minerals, metallurgical coke, metal products, electrodes, «soft goods» (sugar, wheat), etc.

Why Trademit?

We are reliable partner of your company. We are not in your office, but we are closer than any department of your company.

Individual approach

We offer individual delivery and flexible payment terms depending on the needs of our clients in order to achieve the most effective result.


We cooperate with our partners on favorable terms and exclusive contracts and share these benefits with our clients.


We are ready to provide our services on demand and to ensure the 24/7 shipment of goods through our access to the largest transport hub in Europe.