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Coal is a plant origin combustible sedimentary rock formation that consists mainly of carbon and a number of other chemical elements.

The composition of coal depends on age: lignite is the youngest one, and then comes the hard coal, and finally anthracite - the oldest one. There are three types of coal according to coalification type: brown, hard and anthracite.

The system below is used to designate the coal: Grade = (brand) + (class size).

Brown Hard Anthracite
Free-burning Gas Fat Coking Forge Low caking Hard Ash

There are also intermediate grades of coal, in addition to the main grades listed in the table: ДГ (free-burning gas), ГЖ (gas fat), КЖ (Coking gas), ПА (semi-anthracite), lignite is also divided into groups.

Coking coal grades (Г, кокс, Ж, К, ОС) are almost not used in thermal power engineering, as they are a scarce raw material for the coking industry.

According to the class of size (the size of the pieces, fractions) high-quality coal is divided into:

П Slabby more than 100 mm
К Large 50-100 mm
О Nut 26-50 mm
М Small 13-25 mm
С Seed 6-13 mm
Ш Rubble менее 6 mm
Р Raw not limited

In addition to high-quality coal, there are combined fractions and screenings on sale (ПК, КО, ОМ, МС, СШ, МСШ, ОМСШ). The size of the coal is determined on basis of the smaller value of the smallest fraction and the larger value of the largest fraction indicated in the name of the coal grade. For instance, the OM fraction (M - 13–25, O - 25-50) is 13–50 mm.

Our company is selling the following types of coal with various specifications:

К, КЖ, Г, ГЖ, ГЖО, Ж, А, АКО, АСШ, АМ, Т, ТОМСШ For additional specification, please contact
the company representatives.