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Coal Coke

Coal Coke is a solid porous gray product obtained by coking hard coal at non-oxygen 950–1100 ° C temperatures.

Coal coke is used for smelting the iron (blast-furnace coke) as high-quality smokeless fuel, as reducing agent of the iron ore, as baking powder of charge materials.

Coal coke is used the same as vagranochny fuel in foundry production (foundry), for the household purposes (household coke), in chemical and ferroalloy industries (special types of coke). 

Our company offers the following types of coke:

Coke Nut

Ash db 14%max VM db 3%max S db 0.6%max FC db 82%max TM arb 12%max Size 10mm-25mm 90%min

Coke trifle

Ash db 15%max S db 0.8%max VM db 3%max FC db 80%max TM arb 12.0%max Size 0-15mm 90%min

Metallurgical coke

TM AD -  12% max
 ASH db - 14% max VM db  - 2% max
 S db - 0.8% max
 Phosphorus - 0.04% max 

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